Because of our uniquely positive approach, we know there will be tons of questions. If there is something you want to know that is not shown here, please contact us and we will answer it for you!

What is our mission?

Operation Blue Shield creates, promotes and funds programs which brings citizens together with local businesses, city and state government officials, first responders and law enforcement personnel to engage in open and constructive conversations designed and organized community-centric activities that foster safe and secure neighborhoods, and the benefits that follow: increased accessibility to homeownership, an increase in small businesses, improved education and economic development which benefits our neighbors, our communities and our country.

What are our goals?

Operation Blue Shield, through its local chapters, supporters and donors creates platforms which provide the necessary tools, programs and opportunities to bring about the progressive change, trust and unity our communities and our Nation so desperately needs.

How can citizens play a role?

For Operation Blue Shield, volunteers make the world go ‘round! We need your help to raise donations, as well as prepare for and work at community events. Donations are vital to our program’s success. Citizens may make a donation, spread the word or help solicit donations. In addition, once you have donated you will receive an OBS tree ribbon and support sticker. Display these and publicly show your support for our worthy cause.

Is this a one-time campaign?

Actually no. Operation Blue Shield is an on-going campaign that will evolve and present our successes to the thousands of followers as we push it further. OBS started in Dallas and is rapidly expanding. Our goal is to set an example for the rest of the country by implementing our “blue print” in as many cities as we can. Ultimately, we feel this focus on community and positively working together will take a giant leap towards healing our nation.

How do you wrap a tree with your ribbon?

We send a 4-foot ribbon. That isn’t enough to tie an actual bow. What we suggest is wrapping it around the tree and simply “crisscrossing” the ends tightly and then putting a staple into the tree to hold it. It will resemble our lapel ribbon in the way it is wrapped around the tree!

How do you apply your hat clip?

The OBS hat clip simply slides onto the side of any baseball style cap or you can slide it snuggly to fit any strap. You might need to slightly bend open the back a tad to squeeze it on!

Sharing Photos

We encourage everyone to upload and share your positive photos to our website. We have provided a means for you to upload your photographs of people helping others, serving the community and spreading the OBS mission under our Gallery page. Simply click on our Gallery tab and use our “upload” button. We will proudly display your OBS spirit on our website.

How can I find out about the next OBS event?

Visit our events page on our website, like our page on Facebook or Twitter. We post our upcoming events in a timely manner and encourage all to come join us.

Do I have to make a donation to attend an OBS event?

No. Everyone is invited to attend our community events. However, donating enables you to receive our OBS Support Package that includes a lapel pin, ribbon, sticker and hat clip supporting our mission. We encourage everyone to donate, but welcome everyone to attend our events.

How do I get my city involved?

Contact an OBS team member and we will work with you to start a local chapter of OBS in your community. Visit our contact page to submit an email or for our contact information.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, it is. Once your donation is received, Communities Foundation of Texas and Operation Blue Shield will send you a tax deductible confirmation.

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