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Challenge Coin of the Week: University Park Police Department


University Park Police Department Challenge Coin.

Established in April 1924 as a result of an approved city incorporation, University Park’s 515 acres (four square miles) is located several miles north of downtown Dallas, Texas.  With 380 homes and 1200 residents already settled in the area during the city’s incorporation, voters knew an issuance of a municipal bond would be needed to establish not only a city hall, but a fire and police department as well. Shortly thereafter, the University Park Police Department (UPPD) was established.  Today, the city of University Park maintains a population of 20,000 residents served by 39 sworn UPPD police officers. UPPD is one of 667 agencies around the United States recognized as a “Gold Standard Agency” by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. To qualify for the Gold Standard, the accreditation requires UPPD to pass 480 standards of law enforcement professionalism; thus, resulting in UPPD’s strong commUNITY engagement and communication by the department to its citizens. OBS salutes the men and women of the University Park Police for its service to the commUNITY and maintaining a high standard of commUNITY policing.


The coin features a University Park police officer badge in the center of the coin with an outer blue circle and gold lettering of “UNIVERSITY PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT TEXAS.” The center of the badge has a silver five point star, serving as the backdrop of an outline of the State of Texas. Within the silhouette itself is the colors of the State Flag of Texas. “POLICE OFFICER” arches the top of the badge on a blue banner with gold lettering and directly below the star is “UNIVERSITY PARK” embossed on a blue banner with gold lettering. The word “POLICE” sits directly below.

The obverse side of the coin has a unique circular imprint in gold; with the lettering “LAW ENFORMCENT OATH of HONOR” which is the sworn oath of each officer of the UPPD. The oath reads:


Directly below the oath features the flag of the United States and the State of Texas.


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Challenge Coin of the Week: Louisville Metro Police Department


Louisville Metro Police Department Challenge Coin.

The Louisville Metro Police Department began operations in 2003 through the creation of a consolidated city council government resulting in the merger of the Jefferson County Police Department and the Louisville Police Department. However, the origins of the two departments date back to the 1800’s. In 1806, the Louisville Police Department (LPD) was established through the appointment of five watchmen by the town’s trustees. The “watchmen” were directly responsible for crime prevention and the apprehension of criminals in the city. As the city of Louisville continued to develop and grow, so did the LPD. By the mid to late 1800’s, the position of Chief of Police was created and the department was reorganized in the image of a police department. Watchmen became policemen and the department structure was organized with two divisions supporting several districts in the city. To manage the efficiency in patrolling the large districts, LPD purchased bicycles to serve with the established mounted police within the department. The LPD was one of the first departments in the United States to establish policemen bicycle patrol, which today is a practice widely used in many police departments globally. During the same time, the Jefferson County Police Department (JCPD) was established.

The LPD was also unique in establishing other major milestones in its history:
– 1921: Alice Dunlop became the first female officer in the department.
– Later that year, Bertha Whidbey became the first African American police officer in the department.
– 1969: Urania Laun became the first female sergeant and later the first female district commander.

Despite the two police agencies becoming one in 2003 as a result of the city-council merger, both departments during the 1990s began joint operations in certain specialized areas of operation. Most notable were the photo and fingerprint labs, the narcotics bureaus, and the crimes against children departments. Today, the Louisville Metro Police Department has a jurisdiction of 400 square miles with more than 500 sworn police officers serving approximately 700,000 members of the community. Operation Blue Shield salutes the Louisville Metro Police for its rich history, progressive thinking and service to the commUNITY.


The Louisville Metro Police challenge coin reflects on the history and motto department and city. With a gold-ish color finish, the coin features the official name of the agency, which arches above the department’s badge. Centered on the coin is the department’s badge featuring the city’s seal. This includes a fleur-de-lis and two stars; one placed to the right and one to the left of the fleur-de-lis. The two stars represent the City of Louisville and Jefferson County. “LOUISVILLE” is embossed across the badge and the arched word “POLICE” sits above the fleur-de-lis. Below the stars are the numbers “17” and “78,” commemorating the year the city of Louisville was founded. “SERVICE” and “INTEGRITY” are embossed on the badge as well, reflecting on the departments mission, as well as “VALUES” centered in between and below the embossed “METRO.”

The obverse side of the coin features the department officer’s badge which reflects the year the department was established. The city’s seal directly above the year and the Louisville City Hall Complex is in the backdrop. To the left of the officer’s badge is the departments five core values:

Making the community our primary focus.
Ethical behavior and accountability.
Respect for all people.

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Challenge Coin of the Week: Fairfax County Police Department


Fairfax County Police Department Challenge Coin.

Established in 1940, the Fairfax County Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency located in Northern Virginia. The FCPD serves a population of more than one million residents within 395 square miles of Fairfax County, Virginia. The agency operates five divisions: the Investigation/Operation Division which contains the Motorcycle Squad, SWAT, K-9 Section, EOD, Helicopter Unit, Crime Scene Section and the Criminal Investigations Bureau; the Administration Division which contains the Criminal Justice Academy, Central Records, the property room and the Public Information Office; the Patrol Division which contains Animal Control, Youth Services Division, and station detectives for property crimes; and the Aviation Division which is based out of Washington Dulles Airport, providing aeromedical transportation, traffic reporting and airborne law enforcement capabilities.

Fairfax County Police Department offers a unique community policing technique through its social media platforms and its own dedicated television show. On the Beat, a 30 minute on air show that educates the public on the mission of the department and provide information on public safety. The show airs five times a week through the local government access television cable channel 16. Additionally, the agency offers several programs that are ongoing and short-term, depending on the needs of the community for additional community engagement and policing. Operation Blue Shield understands Fairfax County Police Department places an emphasis on community policing and engagement and salutes the agency for its efforts.


The commemorative coin represents 75 years of the agency’s existence. The gold circular engraving features the name of the department. In the center of the coin features the agency’s badge in gold. In the center of the badge is the official government seal of Fairfax County, as designed by author Elliott Gilbert Shaw. The seal features a coat of arms, with a lion on the left, and a horse on the right. On the shield is another lion. Above the embossed seal is an American eagle. The agency’s official title circles the seal. The year symbolizing the establishment of the agency is to the left of the badge, and the year the coin was released is to the right.

The obverse side of the coin is very unique. In 2015, Fairfax county beat out Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada to host the World Police and Fire Games. The games feature Olympic style events open to full time and retired first responders to compete. In recent years, nearly 7,000 to 10,000 competitors have entered the games. The coin’s image contains the department’s logo for the games. The face of the bald eagle appears in the center colored in red, white, blue and gold. A star is used as the eagle’s eye. The outer blue circle has the engraved gold lettering “FAIRFAX 2015 WORLD POLICE AND FIRE GAMES.”

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Operation Blue Shield gets a taste of championship BBQ with the 1st Responders and the Houston commUNITY.

HOUSTON, TX – Two hundred and sixty-six teams from all over the world showed off their grilling skills at the 43rd Annual World Championship BBQ Contest, kicking off the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. With expansion plans slated for Houston, OBS visited the event to get a taste of chicken, ribs and brisket, but more importantly, get to visit with Houston’s 1st responders and commUNITY.

Members of the United States Marine Core, Houston Police & Fire were honored by a performance by country music star Aaron Watson. The performance was the Bayou City’s way of showing their appreciation to the men and women who are 1st responders. “Cook-off has always been a great event to work.” Said Officer Prince of the Houston Police Department. “People are happy and friendly; and it means a lot when they come up thanking you.”

Other members of the commUNITY showed their appreciation by inviting 1st responders to their private tents to enjoy some great tasting BBQ. Members of the United States Marine Core enjoyed the bbq chicken (which placed 2nd) and live music at Bottomless Pit’s private tent, and Houston PD was invited by Ritch’s Raiders Cook Off Team to enjoy the beef brisket.

“We walk miles and miles during the event and some reason we still gain a little bit of weight” said one officer at the entrance way of the Willis Group tent as he pinned his OBS lapel ribbon on. “It’s all worth it to see these folks here enjoy themselves.”

Houston’s many nicknames include “The Big Heart.” The commUNITY certainly showed their love over the weekend. OBS salutes the Houston commUNITY and its hospitality.

(Music: Zac Brown Band)

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Challenge Coin of the Week: Wade Christensen First Gentleman Coin


Wade Christensen First Gentleman Coin

While growing up farming and ranching the family’s land in western Oklahoma, Wade Christensen understood the value of hard work at a very early age. A native Oklahoman whose parents were farmers and educators, Mr. Christensen credits his career success to his experiences growing up as a fourth generation farmer and parents who valued education. As a teen, he lettered in multiple sports and discovered talents in playing several musical instruments, Mr. Christensen would go on and earn his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK and later continuing his education and earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law. Today, as a successful practicing attorney, Mr. Christensen also devotes a tremendous amount of his time and effort to give back to local communities in the State of Oklahoma. He has served as honorary co-chair of the Campaign for Justice Fundraiser benefiting Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, which provides legal services to those in need and as an advocate for the Foundation of the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma. His efforts have earned him several awards, most notably the Leadership in Law Award. Mr. Christensen is also the spouse of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallen and holds the first ever distinguished title as the “First Gentleman” of the State of Oklahoma.

Through his efforts and service to the communities throughout the State of Oklahoma, Operation Blue Shield salutes First Gentleman Wade Christensen of Oklahoma.


The gold coin features the engraving “WADE CHRISTENSEN FIRST GENTLEMAN” on the outer circle of the coin. Centered is the state seal of Oklahoma. The seal contains a yellow circle with the caption “GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, 1907.” Within the circle features a white five pointed star. The center of the star contains the seal of the original Territory of Oklahoma. Columbia is the central figure, representing justice and statehood. She is surrounded by an image of the American pioneer farmer on her right and the aboriginal American Indian on her left, both of whom are shaking hands beneath the scales of Justice, symbolizing equal justice between the Anglo and Native American races in Oklahoma and on the part of the federal government. Beneath the trio is the cornucopia of plenty and the olive branch of peace, and behind is the sun of progress and civilization. The five rays of the star contain the seals of the Five Civilized Tribes of Oklahoma: Cherokee, Chickasaws, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. The obverse side of the coin features the engraved lyric from the state song Oklahoma! “WE KNOW WE BELONG TO THE LAND.” The obverse side of the coin also contains the image of Oklahoma farm land, with a image of a windmill and a crimson farm tractor. The image is symbolic of the State’s rich farming history.

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Challenge Coin of the Week: Vice Admiral Sean Pybus, Deputy Commander USSOCOM


Admiral Sean Pybus

Serving a distinguished 37 year career in the Navy, Admiral Sean Pybus (Ret.) has lead and served in multiple joint special operations duty assignments and is the highest ranking Navy SEAL serving before his retirement. Admiral Pybus knew his calling to serve his country early in his youth. As a high school senior, Admiral Pybus applied to ROTC programs with the Army and Navy in hopes of getting a scholarship to pay for college and further his education. The Navy provided a scholarship, thus providing him the motivation for military service. Graduating from the University of Rochester in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and earned a regular Navy commission through Navy ROTC. Remarkably and shortly after graduation, Admiral Pybus became a Navy SEAL after graduating from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in December 1979 with Class 105; less than one year after earning his undergraduate. Decorated with honors, Admiral Pybus’ decorations include the Navy Distinguished Service Medal (Global War On Terrorism), Defense Superior Service Medal (Global War On Terrorism, three awards), Legion of Merit (Global War On Terrorism, two awards), Meritorious Service Medal (variously, three awards), and other honorable awards. Operation Blue Shield is honored to recognize Admiral Sean Pybus for his outstanding service to our country and commUNITY.


The Vice Admiral Sean Pybus challenge coin is very unique and represents the various Area of Operations (AOR) and units under the US Special Operations Command led by Admiral Pybus, Deputy Commander. The bronzed coin features five special operations, with the first being “Sine Pari” Latin for “Without Equal.” The distinctive insignia represents the 4th and 8th Military Information Support Group identification badge, which is the black sword overlaying a red spade. To the five o’clock of the MISG badge is the insignia of the United States Marie Corps Forces Special Forces Command; featuring the badge of the USMC of the Bald Eagle and anchor; centered with the image of the globe. To the five o’clock of the USMCSF insignia is the Air Force Special Operations Command emblem, a black shield containing the wings of an eagle, white (bronzed) sword which is centered and the Star of the US Air Force. To the four o’clock of the emblem is the United States Navy Special Warfare Command, with the distinctive bald eagle, anchor and pitchfork. To the three o’clock of the USNSWC, is the insignia of the Joint Special Operations, which contains four swords representing each unit aforementioned above.

On the obverse side of the coin is the logo of the United States Special Operations Command. This emblem contains the gold point of a spear, and is centered and encircled with the official title of USSOCOM. Operation Blue Shield is honored to be presented with such a coin, as the coin is only presented by the Deputy Commander as encrypted towards the outer ring, “PRESNTED BY THE DEPUTY COMMANDER FOR EXCELLENCE.”

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